TotPlayer story

As a mom I've always been concerned about my child's development and education. Right from his first first year I was constantly buying new developmental toys and board books. By his first year I had so many toys and books that I didn't have enough space to put them to. I started to think of other ways to keep him busy and stimulated.

When he was about 1.5 years old he became attracted to my iphone and I decided to show him nursery rhymes videos. Later I realised that I made a mistake - he quickly got overstimulated and overtired by those videos even after a short time watching them. I asked his pediatrician about it and she explained me that he is not allowed to watch videos until he is two.

I was wondering if there is any iphone app that can entertain + educate my son without overstimulation and give me a little time for myself.

Entertain and Educate

After a quick and not very productive research I decided to write an app myself. All I really needed was the ability to combine his favourite songs with pictures and (the most important!) to give him an opportunity to choose songs himself. That's how TotPlayer was designed. I happily admitted that showing just a picture instead of a video doesn't overstimulate my son and at the same time gives him a visual perception of a song.

A few days later I thought that if it was possible to record my voice instead of choosing a song it would not only entertain but also educate my child. And that's how we started to learn words, colors, shapes and other subjects - during our playtime I thought of playsets ideas for him and during his nap time I recorded new content.

Sharing ideology

As a mom who loves to share I was very excited to share TotPlayer with other parents and their children. I included one playset with traditional songs to be installed along with the app, so that our users could listen to songs right away. Other content I made available for downloading in the "Browse playsets" menu. And finally I added "Share playset" feature so that parents could share their playsets with other users.

Thanks for reading this story! I really hope that you and your child like TotPlayer app. And the last thing, if you'd like to share it, here's the link.